Рубрика 'Вопрос-Ответ'

Do you have a question? Perhaps your question has already been answered early, try to find it in our rubric.

The cash payment from individuals are accepted only for used batteries. The remaining waste of non-ferrous metals are accepted only from legal entities by using bank transfer only.

Our products are made exclusively from pure aluminum and do not affect any harm to your health. In addition, our products meet the requirements of GOST in all respects.

For reference: In aluminum alloys intended for the manufacture of products used for food, the mass fraction of lead should be not more than 0.15%, arsenic - not more than 0.015%, zinc - not more than 0.3%, beryllium - not more than 0.0005%. The most important thing is that impurities and additives in the alloy in limit and do not poison us with you.

Recruitment is carried out after a preliminary interview at the JSC "UZVTORCVETMET", if there is adequate education, qualifications and vacancies.
You must provide:

  • Passport (2 copies);
  • Employment history;
  • Diploma (1 copy);
  • Military approval (registration certificate);
  • TIN (2 copies);
  • INPS (pension book) (2 copies);
  • Information from the last place of work;
  • Certificate from the place of residence (if never worked);
  • File (3 pieces);
  • Reference from psychiatric dispensary and drug dispensary.

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