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JSC "UZVTORCVETMET" offers your organization mutually beneficial terms of cooperation for a significant facilitation of the utilization process - the delivery of scrap and non-ferrous metal waste at a bargain price and with maximum convenience.

The quality of our services leaves no doubt! Despite the fact that the JSC "UZVTORCVETMET" and his regional units are the only authorized bodies for receiving scrap and non-ferrous metals waste, it is convenient and profitable to work with us!

Transport is a problem for many scrap owners. In order to take out the metal, you need a truck, which is not in every household. Our specialists can go to the site and independently dismantle any metal structures with subsequent export. In the event that your organization has large stocks of scrap and non-ferrous metals, we are ready to offer our own transportation by our transport.

The need for qualified laboratory analysis of a particular type of metal occurs quite often. We offer you to use our high-quality laboratory services to determine the physico-chemical composition of scrap metal on site.

The price list of rendered services of JSC "UZVTORCVETMET" (UZ)

The laboratory of the factory offer services in the spectral high-precision analysis of scrap and non-ferrous alloys, metal products in accordance with world standards and GOSTs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Areas of use:

  • Scrap processing;
  • Confirmation of the alloy mark on the input control (PMI);
  • Production quality control;
  • Control of jet corrosion;
  • Analysis of precious metals and etc.

The analysis is performed using a stationary or portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometer of the brand SPEKTROLAB (Germany). The complex equipment of the laboratory includes equipment and instruments, analytical equipment, chemical reagents, laboratory utensils. The instruments provide impeccable quality and a really high analysis speed.


  • Using a hybrid optical system. Both photomultipliers and solid-state CCD detectors are used as detectors. This achieves extremely low detection limits and a flexible range of use;
  • The detection limits of the spectrometer range from 0.01 to 1 ppm (0.000001 to 0.0001%). The wavelength range of the optical system is from 120 to 780 nanometers;
  • Analytical capabilities can be adapted to the individual requirements of the customer based on ten standard matrices, Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Co, Mg, Ti, Sn, Pb and Zn, or alternatively on five matrices of precious metals Au, Ag, Pt, Pd and Ru;
  • The optical system and electronic components are reliably protected from external influences (vibration, dust, etc.), which makes it possible to use the spectrometer directly near the production process;
  • Thanks to the ergonomic and reliable design and user-friendly interface, the analysis procedure on the spectrometer is very simple. All analysis of the sample - 2-3 parallel measurements - takes about a minute;
  • Spectrometer SPECTROLAB can work continuously, producing an analysis of more than 400 working samples.

The test for the analysis of the composition of the alloy of non-ferrous and ferrous metals for one sample is 300,000 soums

We can render this service in your company with the departure of a specialist.

Details by phone:

+998 71 258-87-58

+998 93 575-20-77

The recycling and utilization of scrap metal have economic and ecological importance!

The work on the acceptance of non-ferrous metals from organizations and enterprises helps us to meet the needs of industrial production in new types of products. Thus, we speed up and simplify the expensive way of extracting natural resources. Taking into account today's industrial development of our planet, the volume of metal used in the industrial sphere, it becomes clear that the extraction of metals is growing, as well as the volumes of scrap that regularly come into recycling. Proceeding from this, in many countries for more than a hundred years there are huge capacities for processing and recycling of metal wastes.

What is scrap and waste of non-ferrous metals?

Acceptance / purchase of scrap and non-ferrous metal waste does not mean that these materials should be in pure form. After being used for their intended purpose, products made from these metals and alloys are usually secondary raw materials. As items of purchase of non-ferrous metal there may be non-working parts, broken mechanical parts of products, profile and much more for further processing. Scrap and waste of non-ferrous metals and alloys are divided by the names of metals; On physical grounds, into classes; By chemical composition - into groups and grades of alloys; In terms of quality - in grades.

Copper scrap Metalworking waste and other wastes
Copper alloys scrap Waste from copper alloys (brass, bronze, tombak)
Aluminum scrap All kinds of scrap of aluminum and his alloys
Magnesium scrap Airplane scrap
Titanium scrap Aircraft and ship scrap of titanium alloys
Lead scrap Rechargeable battery and cable
Redmetal scrap Scrap of complex alloys and waste from high-tech industries
Semiconductor scrap Wastes from the electronics industry

The importance of scrap processing and non-ferrous metal waste

In the production of industrial products and in general in production and economic activities, there comes a time when it is necessary to get rid of scrap or waste of non-ferrous metals that can no longer be used as some structural, technical or household elements, and it has the only effective way - Recycling.

The main incentives and benefits of scrap processing of all types:

  • Reducing the load on metal deposits (currently severely depleted);
  • Improvement of the ecological situation;
  • Reducing the volume of fuel for the production of critical metals;
  • Reducing the scattering and dispersion of metals globally.

Energy saving in the utilization of non-ferrous metal waste:

  • Aluminum – 95%;
  • Copper – 85%;
  • Lead – 65%;
  • Zinc – 60%.

Therefore, by contributing to the procurement of scrap or non-ferrous metal waste, you are already making a major contribution to the development of the economy and the environment of the Republic of Uzbekistan and on a global scale.

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