Main consumers of our production on the domestic market are such enterprises of the industry as: JSC "Uzmetkombinat", SC "NMMC", JSC " MAKSAM-Chirchik ", JV JSC " UzKabel ", JV JSC “ANDIJANKABEL”, JSC «Jizzakh Battery Factory», JSC « Uzbekiston Temir Yullari », NHC "Uzbekneftegaz" and etc.

Currently, work is underway to attraction small business in the manufacturing process on basis of cooperation and expansion of the nomenclature of made production. From our side, there is assistance in providing small businesses with raw materials and supplies. Established cooperation with such enterprises as: «METAL TOOLS» LTD, «SERVER BATERY» LTD, «NEXUS FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES» LTD. Open Company «HIMREAKTIV» LTD, etc.

Primary factor of development of cooperation cooperation between the enterprises of Republic Uzbekistan became development and realization of the Program of localization of manufacture of the finished goods, completing products and materials for 2015-2019, and also Programs of measures on maintenance of structural transformations, modernizations and diversification of manufactures for 2015-2019.

Deepening of process of localization of manufacture in view of system analysis of volume and structure of import, increase in release competitive, export of a focused domestic production, development and strengthening interbranch and inside branch industrial cooperation promote preservation of high rates of growth of a national economy.

JSC FI "UZVTORCVETMET" with a view of development of cooperation communications between the enterprises of our country, including subjects of average and small business, carries out purposeful measures, namely takes part at industrial branch and international fairs, carries out reception of entrepreneurs for discussion of offers on mutual cooperation.

Today work in this direction is the important part of strategy of development of the majority of the enterprises, whether it be the largest industrial complexes, or subjects of average and small business. If cooperation communications give subjects of average and small business stable orders, then large enterprises can save currency funds.

Participation at industrial exhibitions, opens enterprises an opportunity in detail to study the market, to strengthen existing connections, to come into new business contacts, to generate a portfolio of orders for the nearest and intermediate term prospect.

So, on results X International industrial exhibition and a cooperation stock exchange on JSC FI "UZVTORCVETMET" contracts worth more than $ 7 million were signed, which is 12.4% more than at the previous fair.

In 2017, under the concluded contracts during the X International industrial exhibition and a cooperation stock exchange the enterprise plans purchase of various commodity - material assets, such as, accessories and spare parts to equipment, raw materials for the technological purpose, building materials, electro-technical production, individual protection means and etc. The enterprise cooperates with many companies representing such countries as: Italy, China, Korea, India, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Latvia, Japan, Belarus and others. Strong business relations are established with such firms as: Scantel LTD Ningbo (China), Sarbak Metall Tig. San. A.S., Kogbay Metall San Vetig LTD Sti, Global Metal San. Ve Dis, Tic. LTD Sti (Turkey), Mednton Inc. (USA), Alex Holding Export-import s.r.o. (Slovenia), Cosma GmbH (Germany), Skantel LTD (Japan), CJSC " Rents ", "Novoslesek-sports", CJSC « New technologies », " Metallkom " Ltd (Russia), Stenway Invest Ltd, Tranzita terminals (Latvia), Ristol Investments Limited (Great Britain), Mulfante Trading LTD., Gloria Trast (Kyrghyzstan), TOO SMIT LTD (Kazakhstan), Sagar Overseas (India), Richfield Industries Inc (Canada). Also recently have come in number of partners: Ai metals (India), Persefona (Czech Republic), INTAMEX S.A. (Switzerland), AB Metalurunleri savani vedistiret LTD.sti, Birlesikmetal*Heattretina (Turkey), Euromin, MARBELTEKS POROJECTS LLP., " EUROALPHA S.r.l. ", " NEWTECH S.r.l. " and others.

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